Today over 27000 singnatures were handed into the city of Seattle in an attempt to keep lap dances legal in our city. The law banning it would state that there needs to be brighter lights in strip clubs and a four foot distance between dancer and customer.
They are calling the act an act of free speech. I think that the main issue of opposing it is to protect people, male and female. Men don’t need any more reason to go into a strip club and women don’t need any more reasons to use their bodies for something that God didn’t intend.
Anyway, pray for this that people would walk in purity and that this act would not go through.
Lap Dance Seattle Times Article

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  1. Sean & Heather says:

    Hey … I don’t have any comments on this article … I didn’t even think about a lap dance when I read the title … really!

    I did notice another typo though …. in your profile you say you want to plup people in ??? not sure what that means but it doesn’t sound friendly 😉

    But your site does look really good. I’m seriously impressed. I’ll have to get some pointers from you.


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