On Friday I was hanging out with my good friend Lori Fox. Lori is works merchandise for the band Blindside. Lori and the band pulled into Seattle late Friday evening and I went downtown to meet up with them. After they checked into their hotel room we went over to The The Showbox where they were checking out another band and meeting up with some more friends.
After leaving the show there were a couple of us standing outside figuring out what we were going to do when I saw something that made me think “this is the way it should be.” There was a guy outside who was completely smashed from drinking. He was one of the crew members of a band that was there and the guy’s in Blindside knew him. There are a couple of things that Christians can do in this situation. One is to judge and put ourselves on a pedestal and the other is to show the uncompromising, unchanging, unbiased love of Jesus. Thankfully, Christian, Simon and Thomas chose to show the love of Jesus.

It was a cold night out, as is typical for Seattle in Nov. So they zipped up there friends sweatshirt and put on his hood, despite his fight to be as naked as possible. They also stood with him and held him up and from doing anything stupid. There was the opportunity to let him go and watch him do totally funny drunken things at his expense, but they chose to love, care for and protect their friend.

How many of us would care so much to put the interest of others ahead of ourselves? Thank you guys, you taught me a lot that night just by being yourselves.

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