The other night Amy and I went to see King Kong in Prince Albert, SK. I left with two thoughts on the film.
The first was that I thought it was an amazing movie. I am still shocked at how people can create this fantasy world for us to be entertained by and that they can keep us in riveted in our seats for 3+ hours. Peter Jackson has done that a few times now. What a great talent and imagination he has.
The second thought that I had and the one that sticks with me, even now was the anger I had that once again the white man voyaged into another culture and tried to change that culture to be more like theirs or to use that culture for it’s own gain. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is about a strugling movie director who is taking his crew to an uncharted Island to film his new movie. The Island is occupied by indigenous people live in fear of King Kong. Once the movie crew gets to the Island the occupants take the main actress and offer her as a sacrifice to Kong. What happens next is the rest of the movie crew, and ship workers come on to the island and start killing off the inhabitants in search of the girl and Kong. Two hours later they find them and decide to take Kong from his habitat to New York City. There things go horribly wrong and they end up having to kill Kong.
The movie is way better than my discription of it.
So, the part that made me mad is that they went to an island that they had no business going to and thought that they could change the custom and culture for the better, The American Way. It was sad to me that this has happened often in the world, even among Christian Missionaries. I pray that we could start seeing culture for what it is, Culture. God has given it and He does not want us to take it away so that He can move in. He wants to move in to their culture and make it even more beautiful and unique so that one day they can be worshiping in their own way around the King in heaven.
Thanks for listening to me rant. If you would like to check out a different opinion on the movie by James P. Pinkerton follow the link. I do not necessarily agree, but it is an interesting view. Is King Kong Racist?

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