Recently I have been thinking about my involvement with YWAM and the whole area of raising and receiving support. This is actually a topic that a bunch of my friends and I have been thinking about lately. I have been working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for over 11 years now. YWAM requires all it’s full time staff to raise their own support, or finances. This has been a blessing and a struggle for the last 11 years. Questions have come up like How much do I raise? Should I always live below the poverty line? Who do I ask for support? Is there another way of finding support besides newsletters, family and friends? It has been an interesting journey to say the least.
I am fully convinced that God has called me to this life, but I am really looking for a way to do it differently. Some of my friends have tried to become self supportive by getting part time/full time jobs, investing, buying bike parts and building bikes or painting pictures and selling them. All these are great ideas and have worked well, but what about the person who God calls to totally depend on Him and not seek outside work?
I feel that for now this is the call of God on my life. To be honest it is hard. In that though, I can tell you that not a day has passed where God has not kept His end of this deal and been our provider. He is faithful and I don’t doubt Him for one second. This is not about God keeping His end, it is about me, and all those other people out there who are in the same boat (tug boat or cruise boat, depending on how you look at it) with raising finances. I don’t realy have any answers, just wanted to throw it out there to help others think or let others know that they are not alone.

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