On Christmas Emma got this kid’s Chia Pet We were totally excited about it. We were also a bit skeptical, but hopeful. Anyway, so we packed it in the car and drove the 2000 miles from Saskatchewan to Seattle and started our Chia adventure. When we got home we unpacked the car and the Chia Pet. We found the perfect place for it to sit in the house so it would get just the right amount of sun. Then we got our tablespoon and filled it with water and poured in over the Chia pets head. To our dismay nothing happened. After reading the directions we realized that we needed to repeat this process for 10 day’s.
After a couple of days we saw some action happening. We were all getting very excited about this new pet in our house that was very low maintenance and slowly growing hair. Today, I looked at the Chia Pet and saw that it’s personality was very Punk Rock. I am proud of our accomplishment with the Chia and I am excited for next Christmas when we can do it all over again. For more Chia fun check out this link.

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