This morning, just I was reading my friend Lars Roods blog and it brought an overwhelming emotion over me. Lars posted a blog about things that he likes. It blew me away, people actually taking time to be thankful instead of complaining, WOW. I think it’s time that I was thankful for the blessings in my life as well.

I like my little girl Emma, I like that my wife and I are getting along great lately, I like that I have a Mac that I can post blogs on, I like YWAM, I like my friends and my community in YWAM, I like that last week, for no reason whatsoever Dave gave me an i-pod, I like that it is sunny in Seattle today, I like that Emma still calls me daddy and not dad yet, I like that I am back in school, I like Jesus, I like that I know He likes me, I like my van, I like that there is an extra room in my house that I can be alone with God and my thoughts in, I like Cafe Solstice, I like that my friend Gordon took me to see U2, I like my friends in the Mission Adventures Network, I like that we got to take Emma to Disney World last week, I like the Bible, I like crying when something beautiful happens, I like my mom, I like learning, I like that other people can learn from me, I like that my friends like my wife and daughter, and I like that all these things are undeserved, but God gifts me with them regardless.

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2 comments so far on “Things I like

  1. Stephen says:

    Nice Blog Phil! I enjoyed reading through and feeling your heart beat.

    May every brreath bring us closer to the Divine and may our Gatitude grow in Him!

  2. Lars Rood says:

    Phil- This made me smile today. I appreciate you and all you do. I wish I was coming up this summer.

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