I was watching an interview on CNN.com today with Goldie Hawn and Larry King. It was Goldies Hawns 60 birthday and she had gotten a tatoo on her foot of a heart. For starters, that is pretty gross and pretty cool at the same time, but that is not what struck me.
The thing that got me to watch the interview twice was when Larry asked Goldie why her and Kirt Russel had not gotten married. Goldie Hawn told hime that they don’t need a paper to be together, they just need to promise each other to be “the best we can be every day” She also said that they had both been married before, Goldie twice and it did not work. “What would it do to get married?” Goldie told Larry King. “It is sexy to be Kirt’s girlfried. It says that we don’t own each other, my union to you is in my heart and my promise. That is the best that we can do.”
Why am I writing this? Because it makes me sad. What has the world come to? I pray that we as Christians can be an example and a light to people who have not found truth, and true love. Now I am not saying that Goldie and Kirt’s marriage is not true love, I am sure it is. What I am saying is that marriage is seen as a joke and the Christians in the world who are married are not helping any. We have all heard the the divorce rate is at 50%, even among Christians. This needs to change. People don’t need to start living together to avoid divorce, they need discipleship, council and friends.
That is my rant for this evening. Good night.

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