I attend a Church In Seattle called Mars Hill. The reason that I attend is because I really meet God there. Not that I haven’t met God at any other church, it is just different there. It doesn’t make it better than any other Church, it is just that it brings different feelings and emotions to me.
When I think of church growing up I think of my home Church in Winnipeg, Canada. My memories there are ones of friendship, community, laughing, and mentorship. It was all of those things that kept me excited about attending on Sundays and Friday nights.
When I think of Church as a 20 year old in YWAM I think of the church I attended in Los Angeles. When I think of that Church I think of worship, freedom, authenticity and passion. Finally when I think of the the Church that I attended when I first came to Seattle I think of serving within your culture, striving for excellence, and Mission.
I believe that Church is all those things. It is the body of Christ being Jesus to each other and to a people who do not yet know Him. What struck me yesterday was the beautiful thing that Church is and what it can become. We are running these Gatherings in Seattle that I have such a passion and excitement for. I want it to be a place that represents all the good qualities that I have seen in the Church growing up till now. I want people who come to these Gatherings to feel like they are apart of it all. To feel like they bring something to the Gatherings.
This is the thing that I was thinking about yesterday at Church. One of the things that most people who I know don’t like about Mars Hill is the singing. They have a different band in the morning than in the evening, and a different band each week. The reason that I like it is because it is incorporating the Church in the service, not just the same people each week. It is involving the body to participate in the service and not just the paid worship pastor. Now I have been in Churches where they involve people in the body to sing who just can’t sing. That is just a bad Idea I think. We want people who can help us enter into worship, not distract us by their bad American Idol auditioning voices.
All this to say that I feel that I am on this journey. This journey of Church. Not a jouney out of hurt, but a journey out of health. I am not sure where this journey will take me, but I am finding myself more and more each day excited about Church and excited about the Church. People need the church of Jesus Christ. It brings healing, growth, Mission, passion, accountability, laughter, tears, life, friendship, community, acceptance, and Jesus.

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