It has been a while since my last post, I guess I have just gotten lazy.
I have recently started running. By recently I mean that I have run twice in the last two days. There is this half marathon going on in Seattle this summer and for some crazy reason I feel like competing. As I was running this morning I wanted so badly to quit and just walk the rest of the way. The think that drove me was this little voice in my head telling me to discipline your body and your mind. I kept repeating this to myself over and over and it gave me the strength to finish strong.
This summer we are running our Mission Adventures program at YWAM Seattle. The theme is DETOX: mind, body, soul, spirit. I really want to go through a process of detoxification if I am going to call young people to do the same. I feel like it can’t just be a detoxification of mind and soul and spirit (internal), but also of body. I feel that in some strange way they go together. How can our spirit be detoxed if our bodies are just being wasted. I believe there was something said about that in the book of 1 John, they called it Gnosticism.
So, on I go, running around in circles, literally. I am excited about this new thing in my life. I hope and pray that I have the discipline to finish strong and run the race that is marked out for me, in this case it is a half marathon.

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  1. sc says:

    Run Forest, Run!!!

    I am running with you. =0)

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