I was talking to my friend today about ministry and the idea that who we are when we are not around people has direct affect on the ministry that we are running. What do I mean by this? I believe that if we are leading some kind of ministry, but our lives are not lived with integrity that the ministry we are running will not reach the highest place that God intends for it. I am not sure how this works, or if I am correct in my thinking, but I feel convinced of it.
If we are leading a group of people into what God has for them, but we are not living out the life that God has for us, how can we even lead? How does it look to not live out the life that God has for us? Well it is living in pride or perversion, or gossip or gluttony, or laziness, etc. Can we truly believe that we can bring people to a place that we are not at ourselves? There is no way.
Now I am not talking about seasonal purity, I am talking about a life of purity and holiness. If we just purify ourselves because we are running a ministy, what happens when that ministry ends? We go back to our sin, and we probably go back to it even worse than before. This is a scary thing. I am involved in ministry full time, it scares me that my life has a direct affect on the people that I am leading, even if they don’t see my life. I guess that is another thing, how can we expect growth, authenticity and transparency if we are hiding ourselves?
Now if you are reading this and thinking that I am messed up, you are correct. I am messed up and odds are that you are too. What we need to do as leaders is to live lives of purity, holiness, faith and love. We need to be transparent and live out our lives in full view of the people around us. We need accountability, community and friends if we are to make it as leaders. We cannot hide our secret lives anymore, we need to bring them out into the open and kill them.
Thanks for listening to me go on, your comments are more than welcomed.

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