I just spent the last hour watching a movie/documentary called Invisible Children. It is a story that 3 guys documented in the spring of 2003. These guys went to Northern Uganda and dicovered a story where children are the weapons and the victoms of a 20 year-long movement called the Lords Resistance Army (LRA). The movie exposes the effects of the war on the children of Northern Uganda. The children there live in fear of abduction by rebel soldiers, and are being forced to fight as part of a violent army.
Thousands of these children travel by foot each night from their homes to the near by towns to sleep in public places like hospitals so that they will not be abducted by the LRA. The movie made me wonder why I was born in a country of freedom and not a country where I have to fear for my life. It also left me wondering what my response should be. I want to encourage you who are reading this post to check out the web site, get and watch the movie, and figure out what your response should be. With knowledge comes responsibility and we can’t ignore injustice forever.
If you are a pastor or youth worker I would encourage you to get this and watch it with your youth. On Sunday the 8th a group of us we will be watching it with The Gathering and I hope that people are moved to act. Once again, thanks for taking time to read, I pray that your life, as I pray mine, is changed.

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