On Saturday Amy and I went to see Serena Maneesh. Serena-Maneesh is a Norweigan band whos music sounds like a “pop symphony of dragged out psychotic rock n roll” or as I like to call it, “Melodic Distortion.” Why am I blogging about this, well here goes. I got on the guest list to see the band from my friend Ben Sand, who is the manager. I was sitting at home with Amy on Saturday afternoon figuring out who I would bring to the show. “Maybe I could ask Ben, or Bubba. I think that they would love that.” The I looked at Amy and she asked me why I don’t just ask her. So, have you ever just felt like poo? This was my I feel like poo moment of the day.

The reason that I didn’t ask Amy was that I didn’t think she would want to go. She doesn’t like their music, she doesn’t like going to shows, or clubs and I knew that it was going to be totally loud. What I didn’t think about was the fact that maybe Amy would just want to spend some time with me. Don’t worry, I am going somewhere with this.

I loved going to the show, because I felt in my element. I love the loudness of it, the busyness of it and the whole atmosphere. What was totally cool though was that I realized that I loved my wife way more. I felt myself protecting her. I usually would go straight to the stage, but I knew that Amy would want to sit down and the chairs were in the back. So I gladly stood in front of her protecting our little baby in her tummy from the loudness of the show.

There came a point in the show where I was thinking more about Amy than the music, so I asked her to come upstairs with me and we hung out in the lounge away from the stage where it was quieter. It was great just to sit there and enjoy my wife and the music.

This night was very significant for me as it showed me about myself and Amy. It showed me that I realy love my wife and want to do things to protect her, even without her asking. It also showed something about Amy in that she was willing to do something with me that she normally does not enjoy because she loves me. I love that and obviously thought you would to.

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