This week in the YWAM Seattle Urban Internship we were talking about Personal Growth, Vision Statements and Values. Most of the material we covered came out of a pod cast by Patrick Dodson. Most of the week was spent telling each other our stories of where we came from and what God has done in out lives.
On Thursday night we talked a lot about issues of divorce and homosexuality. It was interesting to here how people perceived the churches views on those two issues. Some of the comments were about how the church knows how to talk to people, or deal with people who steal or cheat, but when it comes to homosexuality or divorce we are kind of at a loss and don’t’ really deal with it very well. I wonder why that is? I think because most of us view those two issues as greater, more horrible sins than all other sins. These are sins that we would never commit, that no one should ever commit. How can we disciple people in these areas if we feel that we are above them.
Another thing we talked about is who we are. Patrick, in his pod cast called Processing Your Future talks about who we are in three areas.
Who we are in God
Who we are in Family
Who we are in Ourselves.

This is what I came up with, even thought there is a lot more time that I need to put into it.

Who I am in God is:
Faith, Forgiven, Son, Secure

Who I am in Family:
Brother, Son, Friend, Dad, Giver of Perspective, Dier to self, Provider, protector

Who I am in Myself:
Friend, Pastor, Empathetic, Learner, compromiser (in a way that I want all ideas heard, not just mine), No Compromiser.

I would encourage you to listen to the pod cast, it is great.

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