What ever happened to Good Friday? The last day has been a shock to my system as I have begun to realize that Good Friday means nothing anymore. Yesterday I was rushing to get my taxes done so that I could drop it in the mail before Friday because the post office would be closed, or so I thought. As I rushed to the post office I realized that I had missed the last pick up and then I noticed that on the door was listed the dates that the Post Office would be closed. To my surprise Good Friday was not listed.
Later I was talking to my friend Gordon. I asked him what he was doing for Good Friday and he told me that he had to go to work. Wired, why would his work be open on Good Friday? I guess I hadn’t realized how far we have come in our society away from celebrating Christian Holy Days. I am totally disappointed at how far from the cross we have gone. It is like the cross never happened.
I remember as a kid in Canada going to church on Good Friday morning for an all church breakfast followed by the Good Friday service. I loved it as I got to eat with all my friends and raise havoc in the church by playing the biggest game of hide and seek that any Friday morning has ever experienced. Now, even though I didn’t sit quietly through the service on Good Friday morning I distinctly knew that the reason we were there was because we were celebrating Christs death on the cross nearly 2000 years earlier.
Jephta, my German friend commented today that America doesn’t see Good Friday and anything special. This is such a sad thing in my eyes. This is the day that we were freed. This is the day that the greatest sacrifice in history was made. Nearly 2000 years ago Jesus hung on the cross as a man to save us from our sins. The greatest act of selflessness that anyone has ever, or will ever make. How can we not celebrate the man who gave us our freedom? How can we not just stop our everyday lives to spend the day with Him?
Now I am not talking about my friend Gordon who has to go to work, or the server at Denny’s who has to serve Moons Over My Hammy, but I am just talking about society in general. We are lost and missing the point. This is extremely grave.

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  1. Lynn says:

    It was good talking to you on Good Friday.

    As I read your blog I was confronted with a whirl wind of emotion, guilt, justification, bla bla bla.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Good Friday. Even though I don’t have many expectations on our society, I do find it very challenging on a personal level.

    But what do I tell our staff running our MA program? Or the pastor that has “to work”? Is it a matter of “having to work” or a recognition of the significance of what it all means?

    Your a Good Man Mr. Phil


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