I just recently returned from a 10 day outreach to Thailand. It was a great time for me, yet a very different experience than I am used to. There were two things that were different.
1. I am used to taking a group of Jr. High or High Schoolers, but this time I went with a groups of adults, the youngest being 22 and the oldest being in his mid 70’s.
2. Usually the groups that we take on trips contact us and have set leaders and an existing group dynamic. This time, I contacted individuals who had no specific connection and asked them if they wanted to do a trip with me.

I have been in YWAM for 12 years now and have been working inside of a mold that was already in existence when I joined. I never started anything new, out side of helping to pioneer YWAM Seattle. But as far as programatic things that I have been involved in, they have already been running. I feel that God is changing this for me and also for those around me. I feel that God is calling us to step into something new, to pioneer new programs and new way’s of doing things. Basically to step out.

I truly believe that this is one of the significant ways that we can bring change to the world. The reason that we have all these great existing programs, ideal, and organizations is because someone stepped out in faith and passion, and started something new that has never been before. We can either continue to work inside those existing structures or step out in faith like those before us and start new programs, ideas or organizations that will bring change.
I think for me, the reason that I have not done this before is out of fear. Fear that I will not know what I am doing. Fear of failure. Fear that no one will follow me. There is no risk in working inside an existing structure and trying to restructure it, but to start a totally different thing is a little different. I feel like this changed for me when I saw the success of the Thailand trip.

I saw that there are many adults who are good people, hard workers and Christ followers who have never had the opportunity to go on a Mission Trip and see change. People that are missional in their own culture, but have never had the chance to go and be missional in a foreign culture. The more I saw this the more I wanted to see that change. It was a risk for me to plan this trip, but a risk I was willing to take and a risk that payed off for those who went and those we went to see.

I feel that this is going to open up more doors to do similar things in the future. I also feel that this is going to push me to step out and start things that are not existing programs and hopefully bring change. I don’t want fear or apathy to stop me from following God’s plan for me. I also don’t want to miss God’s plan or have Him use someone else to see it get accomplished because I am to fearful to take up the call. I am excited about where this will take me.

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  1. Stephen says:


    So is the picture you posted with this note of yours suppose to signify that your headed into a fiery/smoky disaster?

    Please explain?


    Love you Bro!


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