On this May 14th Mothers day I want to take a moment to thank my mom Ann. She has been my mom for as long as I can remember, which is birth. This goes out to you mom.
Mom, thank you for loving me. Thank you for caring for me and raising me. Without you, well I would have died I guess. We have had some good times and some rough times. Do you remember the time you were out of town for a week and Brendan and I stayed home and totally destroyed the house by not washing dishes, having people over, not cleaning and just leaving a mess? The house never looked so bad. I remember coming home the day before you were supposed to come home and seeing a note from you and dad saying that you were home and went for coffee and when you returned the house better be clean. I thought it was a joke from Julie until you called. I remember Brendan and I calling Melanie Collins to come over and clean with us. You were mad.
I also remember the same summer when you came in and saw Brendan wearing a vest. You commented that it looked just like the pant suite that you had and loved so much. I am not sure what our faces looked like when we realized we cut up your nice pant suit jacket and made a vest out of it, but I am sure it was shocking.
I also remember the time Jeff slept over and you threw out his contact lenses cause you thought it was just a glass of water by the sink. He was blind for day’s. Just kidding.
We have had some great times and also some hard times. I know that it has not been easy since dad left. In fact it has been the hardest time in our family’s lives. There are a few times over the last 3 years that I remember connecting with you. I remember going for coffee with you at Second Cup on Corydon and talking about dad. It was very sad, but we connected and it meant a lot to me. I also remember when I was in Fiji and so worried about you and how you were doing as I could not call. I remember when I did call it was like I was your little boy. You did not talk about yourself once, you just cared for me and asked how I was, even through your hurt. Thank you for that.
Thank you for sticking with it. For being a good Mom and Nana. Thank you for moving on and working at the church and thrift store. Thank you for sticking with God and remaining faithful. I know that God will work this out for good. I love you and pray for you continually.
Happy Mothers Day.

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