Holy Smokes, My daughter Emma is as cute as they come. Why you ask? Well, tonight when it was time for bed we were talking, well she was talking. I told her that I was going to Cambodia in a couple of day’s. She asked if that was why I had the bag of crafts by the door and I said yes. Then she said that she needed some of the glitter that I was bringing because she doesn’t have enough. When I told her no she launched into a 15 minute monologue. Here is the cliff notes of it.

Emma told me that while I was gone to Cambodia she was going to move into a castle with Prince Charming and she was going to become a princess. She then told me that she was never going to see me again, because she would be in the castle. I asked her if there was a way we could see each other and then she said yes because I was going to be the king and Amy was going to be the queen. We were all going to live in the castle and she was going to sleep with prince charming. But, prince charming was going to get mad at Emma’s fairy god mother and so Emma was going to have to tell him that it is not good to be mad at fairy god mother. She also informed me that princesses don’t eat or drink. Especially pickles or chips, which are Emmas favorites. All that princesses do is wash and comb their hair. They also ride on their princess ponies.

Suddenly she launched into the story of Shreck. She told me that she was going to get swept up by a bad guy in the forrest and then she was going to take him out. Then, Shreck was going to get an arrow in his butt and she was going to pull it out while donkey went to get flowers. Then it was time for bed.

Wow, what a story teller. It was the cuteness that I needed. Thank you Jesus for my little girl.

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