On Monday May 9 I am once again leaving my city, family and community and flying to Cambodia. I will be leading a group of 29 college age students from Oakland, CA. On a prayer/ministry trip for 10 day’s. I am very excited about this trip. We will be spending some time in Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, and Sianookville. While there we will be spending time in intercession at Angkor Wat and also at The Killing Fields. My good friend P. Wade put together some pod-casts for our intercession times.

We will also be going to a coastal town called Sianookville. While there we will be working with an orphanage a hospital and running some kid’s ministries. I am also excited to go back to the church that we worked with last year and see the pastor and the Sunday school program that run’s in the room we built.

We are also going to be going to a village 2 hours away from Sianookville called Crocodile Village. Here is what Jonah, our host says about the village. “As for this village I would like to tell you that, this village has been established by former Khmer Rough soldiers, which is very much unexplored by the general mass, even Cambodia. God gave me the favor to bring the gospel to this village. There’s a school in the village, and I will talk with the leaders if 3 days program for the kids and the villagers (One day mercy ministry including medical service, kids camp and setting up a mini park for the kids, and personal evangelism. The team can also organize a concert with dances and drama)”

I am also excited about my team. I am leading this with my good friend
P. Wade who works for YWAM in Vancouver and also makes great soap, plays in a Epiphanic, DJ’s, VJ’s and rodied for Nickleback, who I won’t link you to because they are not worth your time.

My good friend Lars Rood from San Diego is also coming. Lars and I have worked together a number of times, but this is the first time we have been over seas hanging out. I am also pretty sure that Lars is going to be snacking on some dog with me.

So, Please pray for us as we embark on this journey together. I am sure there will be pictures and posts to come. Thanks for reading and for putting up with all my links. If you do want the Nickleback link just ask.


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