I am sitting in the Singapore airport/mall on my way home from Cambodia posting for the 2nd time today as the last time it was erased as blogger went down as I was publishing. Good ol blogger. Good thing I am coming home from a mission trip as my heart is good and I didn’t cuss blogger to much.

Just a short post as this keyboard stinks and my connection to Seattle via Hong Kong and San Fran leaves shortly. I just want to say that in my history of mission trips
this one was one of the best. I will post later on the details and what God did, but
for now I just want to thank some key people.

Lars and Wade, thank you for your hearts and commitments to the team and to outreach. You made this trip so much easier. I would do a trip with you again any time.

Jonah, Chris and Bethany thank you for hosting us. You made us feel involved in your ministry and your lives. Congrats on the engagement Chris.

Manny and the team thank you for being great. Thank you for working hard, caring for each other and Cambodia. Thank you for taking it sereously. Thanks also for making us part of your team. I hope to do it again.

Thank you Cambodia. Thank you for your smiles and love. Thank you also for your acceptance.

Thank you Jesus mostly. Thanks for being truth and for keeping us safe and giving us this opportunity.

Thank you to all of you who prayed. It was beautiful

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