What can I say? Today has been a hard, long, draining day. I have been lied to, accused in the wrong, deceived, and mislead. What a way to start out a blog. I am tired. I have been in meetings all afternoon and some of this evening dealing with issues involving some people I work with. The hard thing is that I trusted these people and was let down. There has been forgiveness and grace given, but I am hurt. I have released forgiveness, but I am angry and magerly let down. What can I do? What should I do?

I think that the reason I am hurt so much is because I released so much trust and energy only to be mocked. I guess that is what happens when you invest your time in people, sometimes you get hurt. It happened to Jesus, I mean they put him on a cross after he healed them and showed them the Father. Why should I be surprised that it would happen to me. It still hurts.

Thanks for listening to me.



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  1. derfriederich says:

    Hi Phil

    sounds not good man…. I will pray for you..


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