Today I spend the day getting the baby room ready for the up and coming child and chillin with my baby girl Emma. It was totally cool. We had breakfast together with mommy at 10 after sleeping in. After breakfast we just puttered around the house and moved stuff out of the spare bedroom as we are turning it into a baby room. We cleared out our garage that is usually used to store Mission Adventures stuff and made room in there for an office so that I can work more from home and play Nintendo 64 without interruption.

After lunch Amy went to our friends baby shower and Emma and I went for a bike Ride. We rode our bikes down the street to the pet daycare and hung out with some dogs. Emma got to give one of them a treat and pet another one. She was all giggles about the whole thing.

After the doggy daycare, which I personally think is over the top, we proceeded to QFC to snack on some free samples. It was a good day as they had muffins, cookies, coffee and salmon. We sat on the sidewalk for a while beside our bikes and talked and snacked.

After that we rode down to the park and played an adventure game in the bushes. There were a lot of thorns there so we didn’t stay for to long. Then we headed home and made some ice cream cones and waited for mommy.

You know I wonder if God ever has these kind of day’s with me? The kind of day where we just hang out and he is excited to be with me. A day where at the end of it He wants to tell people about His time with his kid Phil. Wouldn’t that be cool? In face, I think that it happens. I really think that God loves to just spend the day with us. He loves to walk with us, talk with us and enjoy company. It seems as though God and Adam had this kind of relationship. God made him and talked with him and I am sure they just walked together and hung out. He showed Adam all that he made and gave him instructions. I know that He must have walked and hung out with Him as it say’s in Gen. 3:8 that Adam and Eve heard God walking in the Garden in the cool of the day so they hid.

It is so sad that out relationship with God was broken. What must it have been like? I want to hang out with God more. I want to walk with Him and talk with Him more. I want to blog about my cool day with God.

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