Sometimes I wonder if I have an old fashioned view of Jesus and Christianity. I mean, I was sitting in our Mission Adventures Staff meeting tonight and it was just depressing. it is like people are looking at themselves and their problems and not to Jesus. I am not diminishing anyones problems and saying that they are not real, I am just saying that I feel that people that I come into contact with lately who are so called postmodern or whatever you want to call it just depress me.

I am not trying to pull a blanket over everyone, I am just frustrated. Is Jesus enough? I think so. In that though, I feel that some people feel that the answer is more than Jesus. I hear people say the answer is Jesus and feeding someone. Or Jesus and bringing justice. I feel that Jesus is the only answer, but that through Jesus and our love and commitment to Him we will be bringers of Justice and of those other things.

I may be saying the same thing as my friends who I get frustrated with, but I feel that there is a uprising of pessimistic, depressing Christ Followers that make me just want to scream. Am I old fashioned in that I want to get excited about Jesus instead of sitting there all inward focused and deconstructing everything that I have ever been taught about faith, Jesus and mission? I hope not, and I don’t think so. Am I just making things to simple by thinking that Jesus is God and cares about us and wants to work in us so that we can be a part of reaching the world for Him.

It is late and I am tired. I also wish I were better at putting things into words. Maybe later when it is not so late.

Good Night.

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  1. Corey says:


    Well i just found your blog so thats pretty sweet. I think sometimes i may be one of those “depressed” Christians. For me its more about the culture i live than the God i follow. I’m still working through a lot of that uber cynicism that marks my generation.

    Thanks for the post.

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