Today was a hard day for me. Today should be a day of celebration as it is the due date of our soon to be born little girl, but it turned out to be a day of hurt instead of a day of celebration.

Two things happened today that were very hard and had me asking a lot of questions. 1st, I attended the memorial of Dylan Church, who was Shawn and Kristins son. Shawn is the pastor of Maple Leaf Evangelical Church here in Seattle. Their boy Dylan was due 3 weeks after Amy was due, but a week and a half ago they found out that he had died in the womb. On Friday July 14 Kristin Church delivered her baby boy Dylan who was 6lb 2 oz and just over 19″ long. Today, on Amy’s due date I attended Dylans memorial service. I asked myself the question why over and over. I also just sat there in sadness for the family of this boy Dylan.

Later on in the day I helped my friend Athena move out of her apartment and into a room in a house in the Central District. Athena and Pat, her husband recently split up after approx. 6 years. The hard thing is that Pat and Athena have two young boy’s, Sean and Cian. It was so hard to see the boy’s as I know that they are wondering why their mom and dad are not together anymore and why they have to move. I wonder how Athena is going to do with her boy’s and with moving. There were once again so many questions.

I trust Jesus, and I know that His heart is grieved. It is hard to see friends go through such hard times. It was weird as today was supposed to be a day of celebration as our daughter was to be born (she is not here yet), but it turned out to be a day of questions and hardship seeing the hurt that my friends were and are going through. I wish I could write better and express the feelings I have, but I wanted to share what I could.


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