I am not complaining, well not to much, but it is real hot in Seattle. These last few day’s it has been in the 90’s. That is fahrenheit for all you Canadians reading. So yea, it is hot. We have one more week of Mission Adventures left, my wife is officially over due and it is hot. Did I mention that it is hot?

Now I am complaining that it is hot and I am only carrying around my slightly overweight belly. I can’t even imaging what my wife must be going through carying around out daughter. We would appreciate your continued prayers as we go through this time.

Anyway, we will get through. This week is our biggest week of the summer. We have 2 youth groups coming through with a total of 46 people. Both groups are going to Costa Rica for their outreach. It will be an exciting week as it is always a different feel when there are more people and I expect that Amy and I will have a new baby girl. Anyway, please pray for us during this next week that our staff would be excited and finishing strong and that God would move in the lives of everyone coming through the program. We are excited about what He has already done so far.

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2 comments so far on “Crazy from the heat

  1. you know who! says:

    Move to Kolkata for a week, then let me hear what you have to say…


  2. Leigh Oliver says:

    Hope your last week goes really well. Wade and Jo already had a practice run here so I’m sure they’ll do a great job of teaching.

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