Well, it looks like tomorrow I will be smoking one of these bad boy’s. Yep, that is right. My baby girl will be born. We are going into the hospital at 7:00 am or so to have a baby. If you think of us please pray. Sheesh, here we go again. Good times, I can’t wait.

So tonight Amy and I sat with Emma and thought about how things are going to change. We took our video camera and asked Emma to say some words for the baby. She told her that she will see her tomorrow and that she will be changing her poopy diapers. Sweet.

Well good night to you all and I will write again when I am with my new baby girl.

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2 comments so far on “Cigar

  1. Stephen says:

    Phil, Amy and Emma,

    Standing with you guys in prayer for this new precious one as she enters our world tomorrow.

    Love you guys dearly,

    S & BS
    Abi and Hez

  2. dave cree says:

    I’ll light one up for you too! God BLESS that baby and your family! Enjoy.

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