Well it is 5:30am and we are almost through the first night with Abby. Man, she is cute. I will be good to get home and upload some pictures for you to see. It was a long night. I forgot how different it is having a newborn. I can’t just put on Veggie Tales and go back to bed. Yesterday I was cursing Phil Visher, today I am realizing that he is a necessary annoiance.

I think that I am a parinoid dad. I always check to see if the baby is OK if she is quiet for a long period of time. I also jump up if I hear even the slightest noise wondering if she is fine. I was holding her earlier tonight and she felt hot so I grabbed the nurses nifty thermometer and checked her temperature. She was 99.9. I called the nurse and he came in and checked and she was 99.9. I figured that she was sick, but he just told me to take some blankets off of her as she was wrapped like a burrito on a hot mexican summer day.

I need to realize that God is in control of my little Abby’s life. He kept her alive and growing in the womb and He will keep her growing outside of it. I sometimes forget that I am not in control and get all freaked out and worried. I hate when people say that they need to “let go and let God” so I am not going to say it, but I do need to trust my father and Abby’s father more.

She is nursing now, so hopefully Amy and I can get some sleep. Thank you Jesus for this new journey and our new little girl Abby.

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