I have been thinking a lot lately about change. I like change. I think it is good. It is scary, but it is what keeps up alive in some ways. We change a lot of things. Here are ten things that come to mind out of the infinite amount of things we change, good and bad all the time.
1. Underwear
2. Socks
3. Job’s
4. Schools
5. Styles
6. Diet
7. Girl friends, Boy friends.
8. Sex Change (This is one of the bad ones).
9. Disciplines
10. Favorite music

I have had a lot of change in my life lately. Some changes have been great, some hard. The great ones are the ones that are inspiring me lately. The bad change inspires me too, but not tonight. There have been two significant changes in my life in the last week. One is the birth of my baby girl Abby. I have more responsibility to my family now. The amount of time that I can go out and have a life outside of my home will change because of Abby. I am excited about this because I want to be a good father and husband to my wife and children. I also want to be a good example of a husband and father to the singles and married people without kid’s that we are in contact with daily. I want people to see a good, healthy family structure. A family that is committed to each other beyond anything else. I think that this is rare for people to see.

The other significant change in my life is in YWAM. I feel called in a different direction. A different direction within YWAM. I want to be involved more long term in peoples lives. I feel that I am doing that a little bit now, but I want to be doing it more. I want to be connecting more with seekers, not just people who have already found the truth. Jesus says that He came to call sinners, not the righteous. Not that I want to work primarily with people who have not yet met Jesus, but I want to do it more.

I also want to be involved long term in peoples lives by “feeding His sheep. Jesus asked Peter to feed His sheep. This is not a one time deal. If we only feel sheep once it will only keep them alive till they starve to death. To feed His sheep means long term work. It is laboring with the sheep. The compliant ones and the rebellious ones. I want to feel Jesus sheep. I want to be involved more. I am not sure how this is going to look, but I know that Jesus wants me to figure it out with Him. I am grateful for the change that has happened and the change that I believe I am stepping into soon.

Well that is all the inspiration I have for tonight. I will be waking up in a couple of hours with Abby so I should sign off.

One more thing, Amy and I watched The Fastest Indian tonight. It was recommended to me by my friend Dave Laird. It is good, you should watch it some time.

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  1. Ruth says:

    you inspire me, cute pic, and yes, i’m back in the world of blogging by popular demand..

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