So nine day’s ago Amy and I embarked on season 4 of 24. We only have 6 hours left to see how Jack Bower saves the world and gets us to season 5. It has been 8 day’s of going to sleep at approx. Midnight and struggling to wake up only to do it all over again.
It is great what Jack has done for Amy and I. The show (as cheesy as this may sound, and don’t take me to seriously) has helped us just wind down and rest together at the end of the day while the kid’s are sleeping. It has been fun for us to pound through season 4. We don’t usually sit down together at the end of the day. Usually I am reading a book and she is sewing or watching something else. I love spending time with Amy at nights.

It is not that we are engaged in deep conversation, it is just fun and relaxing. So here’s to you Jack Bower.

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