Lately I have found myself forgetting to pray for the things that matter to me. It has been a humbling thing realizing that my prayer life is not very disciplined and I get caught up in so many other things during the day that at night I realize what I should have been praying for, but by then I am so tired that I just fall asleep trying to pray. I decided that this needed to change. If I really believe in prayer, that it is the most important thing, then I need to be doing it more as a part of my daily life.

A couple of weeks ago I just entered some things into the calendar of my phone that I want to pray for. I wanted to pray regularly for the leadership and staff of our base, my family and our support, injustice issues, The Gathering, etc. So, each day starting at 8:30am a different prayer item pops up on my phone every hour and I stop what I am doing and pray for that issue or thing (unless I am driving of course). It is interesting when I am in a meeting and a reminder pops up I just take a few seconds and commit the prayer to the Lord.

I love that I am consciously remembering to pray daily for things that matter. I wonder what would happen if we all did something that helped us stop each day and pray for people or things. How is your prayer life? Is it important to you? Do you really believe that prayer can make a difference? I can’t wait to see what a difference it makes in my life.


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  1. Anna says:

    is that it? did Mark say anything after that? I mean, why was he wearing the shirt? that is, what was his reason behind it?

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