Well it is good to be home. We left Chico, CA yesterday at 4:30pm and after one final stop at In N Out we arrived home at 5:00am. It was a great time to spend with our staff in Chico. The conference was not the greatest, but it had it’s moments. The best thing for me was just seeing again the big picture of YWAM and connecting with new and old friends like Will Barrow from Pismo Beach, Richard Thomson from Las Vegas and Marty Meyer from Idaho.

I love our organization and the diversity or it and also the unity in it. There is much unity in diversity, but I suppose most people don’t see it like that, but assume if you are different then there is nothing to connect on. It was also just great to connect with my friends here from YWAM Seattle. We don’t get together as a staff too often, so this was a terrific time to connect with them.

On the other side, the coffee sucked. Oh my gosh, does anyone appreciate a good cup of coffee anymore? For sheesh sake, it was just Awful. So, it is good to be home, it is good to blog again and it is good to have a decent cup of Joe.


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5 comments so far on “Back in Seattle

  1. Lars rood says:

    That shot looks good

  2. mathewandcarly says:

    if only the coffee could have been outstanding. amazing coffee and in n out…… you may have never gone back to seattle, eh? :)

  3. D.J. Cimino says:

    coffee rules!

  4. Chris says:

    Hey Phil, here I am! The game has begun. Hmm…I need to blog. It’s hard for me to blog like your blog…short and sweet. I always write too much. See, even in my comment I have to write a lot…not like these other guys…”coffee’s cool” this and “nice shot” that. No, not me. I can’t just simply comment. It has to be drawn out. For my blog it’s always this big commitment which is fine every now and again. I’m gonna try to be like Phil from now on. Hey, join with us in pressuring Richard to start blogging. He needs…umm…encouragement.


  5. SC says:

    I had no idea we had a base in Pismo. Those is some old stompin grounds near where I grew up. That is great to see thier website and what they are doing. I rejoice. Thanks for the link.

    If you are cool with these guys, you will have to pass on word that we would like to visit them when we come stateside.

    Blessings to you Bro!

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