I know, the picture is horrible, but I Googled Spiritual Gifts on Google Image and it came up. WOW! Anyway, I am not writing to make fun of pictures, although this one is worthy of it, I want to talk briefly on gifts. We were driving home from California The other day and as leaders we were praying about what direction we need to go as a base. The thing that I felt the Lord speaking to me about was that we need to figure out what giftings our staff and us have so that we can work together as a team more effectively.

I think that most of us don’t really know what our gifts are, or we just don’t recognize the things in our lives we are good at or passionate about as practical or spiritual gifts. I believe if we knew and walked in our giftings that we would get more done in our lives and make more of an impact in our job’s and in the lives of those around us. I would encourage you to pray and seek God about what gifts he has given you and to learn to walk in them. There are also a lot of gift testings out there that can help you find out what your spiritual/practical giftings are.


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  1. SC says:

    Great word Phil! I know what I am and it makes me happy. In fact, it makes me wanna sing!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Is there a gift of bad art? Cause I think a lot of people have it. Wow…nice picture.

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