Tonight I get the opportunity to speak at a Youth Group in Puyallup. I am totally excited as I was asked to speak on Church. Specifically the early Church in Acts. I love what I read about the Church. I get excited when I think of what Church was intended to be. What exactly do I think it was intended to be?

Well, I see the Church as a group of people who love Jesus. People who gather together in large or small groups to worship Him with their time, money, relationships, etc. I see the church as believers helping those in need and bringing the truth of Jesus Christ. I see the Church as a people who devote themselves to Jesus teachings. I see the Church as something so real and exciting that people are daily being added to the Church as they fall in love with this Jesus by seeing His followers and being lead by the Holy Spirit. That is in a nutshell of course.

Tonight I am excited to bring this simple, yet lifechanging message to high schoolers. I am also excited because I am going to be doing the powerpoint from my i-pod video. Talk about redeeming things for Jesus.


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