Well I am here, sitting outside Best Buy so that I can send and receive. That sucks, but at least it is close to my house and it has wireless. Anyway, things are good. I like being here, but it is always a little wierd coming. I feel that there is an expectation, either put on me by me or by others. I want to rest, but I know I need to connect with people, which I love doing. I also just miss home and my friends and community back in Seattle.

Anyway, if you think of me just pray that I can enjoy, rest and connect.


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2 comments so far on “So far so good.

  1. SC says:

    Dude, would you put your notebook away and enjoy your family.

    You’ve got digital deficit disorder (DDD)or something. You gotta just put that thing in the trunk and go spend time with your peeps…


  2. Lars says:

    Hey I disagree. Write, post, surf and explore the internet. You don’t get to do that too much at home with everything pressing on you. But I will say that sitting in front of a Best Buy is a little geeky. There’s got to be some free internet coffee shop in the great white north.

    Have a good time bro.

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