I am in Nashville with my bud’s from the Mission Adventures N. America Leadership Team, (don’t worry, i’m not that important) and we went to the Waffle House for my first time. It was at 12:30am so it was a little more funny than usual i am sure. Anyway, things were great at home, now I am here for 3 day’s. After that it is off to Saskatchewan for a few day’s then home sweet home.

I miss my wife, can I just say that. She is a great person who I need in my life.

Also, I have wanted to get bumped for a while now on a flight and yesterday was my day. Unfortunately I couldn’t take it as I needed to be where I am. It was free hotel and travel voucher. Oh well, I will pray that I get it again on the way home.


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4 comments so far on “Waffle House

  1. Zachary Rupp says:

    nice try on getting bumped buddy. when you get back to seattle I’ll give you some tips. see you soon.

  2. Jamie Arpin-Ricci says:

    It was great connecting with you in Winnipeg, bro. We need to do it more often. By the way, Waffle House was a big part of my DTS outreach 12 years ago. I love that place!


  3. Chris says:

    No, waffle house is always that funny. I’m from kentucky and believe me, waffle house is always that funny…but good. I like my hash browns scattered, smothered and covered but not chunked.

  4. Angela says:

    Hey Phil! Is Sask as backwards as Winnipeg? Are you at least going to make it to the Rider game? And last but not least, did you make it back to your alma matter?
    Angela Taylor

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