So I am in Saskatchewan right now visiting Amy’s family and doing some support raising. Today was a weird day filled with strange and bizzar emotions. I just wanted to take a minute and talk about it with you.

Amy’s family are farmers. Her dad and two brothers farm together in N. Saskatchewan. This year for them has been shit, to say the least and to say it bluntly. Please don’t be offended by my use of words as I am not swearing, but trying to put things into perspective. There has been a lot of rain, which has stopped them from getting into the fields to harvest the crop. Their machinery has also been breaking down, which not only stops them from getting in the field, but costs them money in time and parts.

So, I was driving to Humbolt today to pick up a part and kept thinking of what I was about to do tonight at the church. I was talking about our ministry in Seattle and also about the The Invisible Children injustice issues. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that it just seemed irrelevant and pointless to talk about stuff that we are doing and injustice issues when things were so hard here for the farmers. I almost bailed out as I just felt ridiculous.

Well I am now back at Amy’s house and I made my presentation in spite of how I felt. I have a different perspective now than I did before I shared. My perspective now is that I needed to share with the church about injustice and the ministry that we are involved in. I told them that a part of our job is to help young people see that the world does not revolve around them, but there are other issues that are going on in the world that are different and at times, many times worse than the stuff they are going through.

This is how I felt tonight. I felt that even though things are tough for the farmers in this community, and I don’t want to down play that especially since it just started raining again, that they needed to look outside of themselves and their own situations to see what else is important in the world. I hope that this is making sense. Anyway, all that to say that I feel tonight went well. I hope people heard from Jesus and not just little old me.

If I could as you one thing though it would be to please pray for the farmers in this area, specifically Amy’s family. That would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Jamie Arpin-Ricci says:

    I spent some time last harvest with a farming family in SK and left with the exact same feeling. Stirs my blood, makes me wish I could do more about it.


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