So this post may get me in trouble, or mocked, but either way here goes. It is Saturday and as I was driving to Cloud City Cafe to get my $1 drip and toasted bagel with cream cheese Mettalica’s Master of Puppets came on the radio. Now I don’t care what anyone says, but this was and is one of the greatest rock songs ever played. I started thinking about all the other 80’s metal out there and a few came to mind. AC/DC Back in Black, who’s tape I have in the van, Priests Screaming for Vengence and Iron Maidens Powerslave also had a great influence in me banging my head and rocking out with my friends growing up.

I used to catch a lot of crap for listening to this music from my church, youth leaders, and wusses, but that is the music that my non-Christian friends listened to and that is who I hung out with. I was talking to a buddy this week about how I have always loved the Lord, but I just didn’t like Degarmo and key. The people, including me, who listened to these bands were good people. We were not dangerous, or going to off someone cause James Hetfield said he did it, but we were just kid’s listening to good music.

Now the thing with these bands and this music is that Maiden and Metallica are still putting out stuff when what they should be doing is just touring the old stuff all the time as that is the stuff that was pure and worth listening to. Anyway, this is my short tribute to 80’s Metal. Keep it real boyz


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3 comments so far on “A short tribute to 80’s Metal

  1. Lars Rood says:

    Phil- Great post. I am with you when it comes to the glory days of Metal. My favorite part of your post though is your comment about having Back in Black in “the van.” My guess is that you weren’t talking about the 80’s style MolesterMobile with only 1 window but were instead talking about the Mini-Van. We rock the metal in the mini van.

    Can you tell I have a lot of free time?

  2. UrbanKing says:

    oh im behind you all the way bro dont worry

  3. thebothels says:

    May I sugges that your very life is an ongoing tribute to 80’s metal. Rock on man, rock on…

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