Hey Rob, check it out, I am blogging about you. Yep, I want to tell you about my kind friend Rob. Rob and I met in Grade 11, 1989. I think the 1st time I met him I was working at Arby’s. Mmmm, Beef n Cheddar. Anyway, I always thought Rob was crazy and loved life, but the other thing, actually the main thing that I have always thought and loved about Rob is that he truly cares for people.

In 1992 we were roommates at Briercrest Bible College. I don’t remember much of those day’s, but I do remember that the thing that got me through were the relationships with my friends, which Rob was one of. We were at each others weddings and have been in and out of each others lives since 89. It is one of those friendships where you know that you are committed and love each other, even though you don’t see each other very much.

Well in the last year Rob has contacted me a few times just to talk and catch up. On one of those occasions he invited our family to Leavenworth to stay at a log house that he was renting with his family and a few other families. He just wanted to get together with some bros who had made and impact on him. I have been here less than 24 hours and realize once again why I truly love my friend Rob. He is so kind, and truly appreciates his friends, the people that God has place in his life.

The other thing that I feel is sadness. Sadness that I have not been a better friend to Rob, and also the other people that have entered into the story of my life over time. It is no excuse to say that we will always be friends even if we don’t talk very much or see each other, we just have that kind of connection. Well, if you do have that kind of connection then put some effort into it. I want to be a better friend, not just rely on a connection.

Thanks Rob, I had a great time with you and your family.

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