Last night Dave, Gordon, Sean and I drove to Sequim, WA to check out the The Violet Burning show. It was a late birthday present for Dave. Dave and I have listened to The Violet Burning for over 10 years now, Dave more than me for sure. The last time we saw them was at a club on Sunset Blvd. In 95, so we were excited to see them again.

The thing about the show that was weird was that it was at Sequim High School and was put on by a youth pastor as a youth event. So, here we were at the High School surrounded by people who still could barely grow facial hair watching the band. It felt awkward, but one the show started and the lights went down you couldn’t see the 12 year olds anymore so that was good.

The band was great. If you have a chance you should give them a listen. You can find their recent album on the I-tunes music store and the rest on their web site. So needless to say, last night was cool. Hanging with my good friends, taking a fairy ride over to Sequim, seeing the Violet Burning and eating at a grain elevator that was converted into a Mexican Restaurant. Good times.

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  1. UrbanKing says:

    hey its a good thing it was at a highschool it was probably easyer for you to see lol

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