So I was going to blog about Mars Hill Church tonight, which I attend, but I went to the Rolling Stones show at Quest field, so I will blog about that instead. It is late, so I will not be long, just the basic facts.

So I am under this impression that you should not pay for any show, unless it is Iron Maiden or AC/DC and you don’t want to miss it. But, if there is a show that you want to see, but don’t care if you don’t then free is the way. I headed down there with two friends tonight. We were going to meet two other friends who already got into the show for way cheap. Did I mention that Dave Matthews was opening for them?

So, we get down there and I asked a few people for tics and got two. Unfortunately they were already scanned. I was asked by another guy how many I needed and said one. He proceeded to give me a ticket, which worked. I got into the show, for free and sat by my two friends. Then my other friend got in and sat with us. After a few songs I called my other friend who had not showed yet and he had no ticket. Now I am not this good of a friend, but I left and hung out with my buddy who did not get in. If it were Maiden or AC/DC then I would be at the show for sure, but it was the Stones so I left. Also, Keith Richards
looked like he wasn’t going to die that night either.

I ended up hanging out with my buddy for an hour or so over a drink. It was great. We had a good talk and I totally enjoyed my evening. So, the moral of the story is that shows can be free and friends are more important than free shows, but not a Maiden show.

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  1. Lars rood says:

    So does this mean you’re going to Maiden on Sunday. I’d go with you if we could go for free.

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