Well I am going to brag a little bit about me and my night. So I took Emma out on a date today. We went downtown and bought mommy a gift. Then we went to the candy store and I got Emma some gummy drops. Then we went to the apple store and she played video games while I lusted. After that we headed to the market and picked out the perfect pumpkin.

So, we get home and Amy went out to do some stuff. Emma and I made a fire. I held Abby till she fell asleep. Then I cooked supper, set the table and cleaned up. After supper Emma Amy and I made the design that you see in the picture for the pumpkin and proceeded to carve it.

After we carved the pumpkin Emma and I made home made pumpkin pie, which is approx. half way done cooking. We also made dill pickle roasted pumpkin seeds that will go into the oven after the pie is done. I am a champ and I had a great day with my girls.


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