I just saw a Web Site advertising a candle called “The Miracle Candle.” It is a candle that smells like the scent of Jesus. WOW, I can’t believe that someone figured out how to bottle that smell. Here is the quote from the web page. “Combining these fragrances into a candle has made a remarkable scent: rich and mysterious with the essence of ancient spices, yet calming and peaceful with a scent uncommon to modern times. This is the scent of Jesus.” And “Rubbing the candle soy on your skin will impart the incredible fragrance on your body to lift and calm your spirits all day long.”

WOW, I would have thought that Jesus smelled like poop and wood and fish. I mean He walked around in sandals behind donkeys and camels and was a carpenter who hung out with fishermen. Now that would be a candle scent to market.


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2 comments so far on “The Scent Of Jesus

  1. UrbanKing says:

    Um i could use one of those in my bathroom at the moment

  2. Julie Johnson says:

    umm i have the matching miracle hankie….

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