Tonight was one of those nights. Not one of those bad nights, but one of those good nights. I went to the Union Gospel Missions Homeless Women and Children’s center with a few of the DTS students. I really love it there. The time goes slow at times, but I know that we are making a difference. Tonight I spent most of my time with a by named Mohammed. Mohammed is in grade 6 or 6th grade for you American’s. He asked me about being a Christian, because he thinks that Christians have more fun than other people. Mohammed is a Muslim, or at least that is what his father is. His mom just became a Christian and is in the hospital under intensive care so he is in the Shelter. I am not sure about the rest of his family, but I do know that they are mad at his mom for becoming Christian.

Mohammed and I talked for a while about Islam and Christianity. We talked about the differences and similarities. He feel like he is going to become a Christian, but that is a big step for him as it goes against everything his family minus his mom believes. If you think of Mohammed please pray for him.

After the Mission I headed downtown to try my hand at getting free Joan Jett tickets. I made the mistake of taking the 1st offer which was $10. The face value of the tickets was $25. I hung around for a while outside as the show didn’t start till 11 and came across a lady who gave me a ticket. I figured that I could sell this one and make a couple of bucks, but it was harder than I thought. Eventually this guy came up to me and asked me for the ticket. I sold it to him for $5 and he turned around and tried to sell it for more. Funny.

The show was rad. My friend Michael Friesen and I used to listen to Joan all the time. I remember in 1988 we were in line to met her at Sam’s record shop in Winnipeg when Mike realized he had to work that night so we had to leave without meeting her. It turns out that Mike didn’t have to work and we went home for nothing. So tonight was 18 years in the making. She was totally cool and rocked hard. I recommend the show. It was definitely worth the $5.

Good night.

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  1. SC says:

    Nice Phil. Will certainly be praying for Mohammad.

    In the meantime, if you meet him again. Try taking a Qu’ran with you. Then, if he or any of his family members are open to looking at it, having a look at passages like “Al Imran” 3:49

    And 3:52
    and 3:55 (This last one is a real eye opener to many Muslim’s that are considering Christ.

    Basically says, “I will make all those that follow ye [Jesus] Superior to those who reject the Faith, unto the Day of Resurection”

    God bless you and give you wisdom and love as you meet with these people.

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