I have needed a new laptop for some time now, so after some fund raising I decided to order a MacBook, black of course. On Thursday I placed my order on line for a refurbished MacBook, which was $200 off the original price. I felt pretty good about myself for finding such a deal. Then Jesus stepped in. You see, the main reason that I need a laptop is to run visuals for the worship night we are starting in Seattle. I will be running a VJ program called Arkaos VJ and it requires a screaming fast machine. Anyway, back to Jesus.

So on Friday the family and I headed out for a field trip and ended up at The Mac store. While we were looking around Amy saw that they were having their monthly garage sale, which I thought I had missed as it is usually at the end of the month, but for some reason they were holding it at the beginning of the month for Nov. I saw on the table a MacBook Pro, which is much more of a machine than the MacBook, hence the name Pro. Usually the Pro runs for approx. $400 more than the MacBook, but this one was the same as I had paid for my MacBook a day earlier. I made a few phone calls, cancelled my MacBook and proceeded to purchase this new gift of God.

So, here is where it gets a little weird. I am lined up, shaking, at the counter and the cashier calls me by my name. I guess I go to the Mac store a lot. We end up talking, after he tells me how good of a deal I am getting, and he notices that I work with YWAM. I guess he used to know some YWAMers and his brother works with YWAM in a country that we used to send teams to every fall DTS. We talked a bit more and I asked him where he went to church. “I go to Lake Sammamish Four Square” he says. Wow, that is the church that helped us get to Seattle in the first place. I would conceder them YWAM Seattle’s mother church. So weird. So, all this to say that I believe God wanted me to work with excellence and have the hardware to do it, this is inspired by my friend Ben and Wade. I don’t want to get to Christian, but I do believe Jesus cares for such excellence. Anyway, now I am typing away on my new machine and I will never forget this gift.

Now I just need to proceed to buying the VJ software this week, as Ben and I are running a worship time at a church next Sunday. I am excited about what comes next, I want God to be glorified and worshiped and I believe I and can play a part in that.

I want to thank Hank and Mary, Jason and Nancy, Gordon and Deborah, Rob and Karletta and Tom and Tracy for your generosity.

By the way, I called her Miracle, even though my friend Mel thinks it is a cheesy Christian name.

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8 comments so far on “A Post I Never Thought I’d Write

  1. Steven & Shannon says:

    I love these kind of stories! God is good!

  2. ben Parsons says:


  3. SC says:

    Saaah-Weeeeet! God is so good. We pray that it will run for many years and bring much Glory and use for your Kingdom business.

    Now, we need a similar miracle as my own notebook is showing signs of death…

  4. Tom says:

    This is way cool. God is so good and really does care about every aspect of our lives. You really have your hands full with two new baby girls in 6 months.

  5. Lars Rood says:

    Umm don’t over spiritualize 🙂 Just kidding I do think that God cares about things like this. I know you needed that computer and that a macbook wouldn’t have worked the way you needed it to. Now I have to decide what to buy.

  6. Chris says:

    Hey Phil, I’m happy for you and your sweet machine. Our new little infant base here in Modesto just got a donation too of a Mac Book (white) and an imac! So now we can go to conferences and look like real YWAMers. Let’s rejoice in our shared superiority over the pc world. Yea!

  7. Jim says:

    Doesn’t it just make you feel good!!!

    Yea of course all that God and “MIRACLE” stuff, but really just holding her….right?

  8. John Megaw says:

    That’s great Phil. Now, since my powerbook is WAY older than your “old” ibook (20G hardrive, screaming 550mhz processor, and a missing TAB key — who uses TAB that much anyway), I think I will have to call my new macbook pro “Resurrection.” Another cheesy Christian name, Mel. BTW, I don’t really have a new macbook pro…yet.

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