So Ben and I are running a worship night at Calvary church in Seattle on Sunday night. I am running visuals and Ben is DJing the evening. As I was putting pictures together I was looking for pictures of the cross, Jesus, renaissance art and prayer. We want to teach people that they can worship God in many different way’s, as long as it is about Jesus. Even though I have been thinking this way for some time now I still was stuck in the thought that in worshipping Jesus in this way you needed to look at pictures of Christ and Christian icon’s.

As Ben and I were talking about this yesterday I was challenged to put pictures into the presentation of things that make me want to worship Christ. So today I sat in World Cup Cafe for 2 hours and listened to Siga Ros while looking at images that made me want to worship God. I thought of color, and nature, a red tree frog the poor and peoples faces. All of these things are a reflection of Gods character and his beauty and for this he is worthy of my and your worship.

So on Sunday night I am not going to put pictures up of Jesus, but I am going to put pictures up of his character. I want people to worship Jesus from looking at his creation and even looking at there own faces to realize that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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2 comments so far on “Where do I see God?

  1. Lars Rood says:

    Great idea. This is something I would turn out for. Part of what I loved about coming to Missions adventures is that you always gave us a little “taste” of this side of you.

  2. ben Parsons says:

    it’s good to work with you man. let’s keep it up.

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