Sorry that I have not been on in a while. The system is down at my house. Actually the system that we have been illegally borrowing/stealing free internet from is down. We have been using one of our neighbors signals for a while now and a few day’s after I got my new machine the signal mysteriously disappeared. At first I was mad at this, which is ridiculous. It is kinda like being mad because someone stole something from you that you stole from someone else.

I guess what I am saying is that if I can trust God to provide me with a sweet screaming fast MacBook then I can trust Him with providing enough money to get it on line legally. I get this wired view of God sometimes that He is going to provide us with stuff, but not provide a means to use the stuff. For example: almost a year ago we were given a van. WOW! God gave us a van, unreal. The sick thing is that I was worried thinking that we were not going to be able to afford the gas or insurance for it. Sorry for being an idiot Jesus.

Anyway, today we ordered comcast internet. It will be there on Tuesday next week. I wonder if I should put a password on it so that Jesus can speak to someone else about borrowing internet? Just joking.

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    hey i got some stuff up on my page for you

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