On Wednesday Ben and I got together and lead worship and intercession for the base here in Seattle. Ben DJ’ed with some ambient electronic music and I VJ’ed with some images that reflect God’s character and beauty. It was really fun to be apart of. We also put out some stations for people to go to. They could meditate, pray, read, paint, sculpt, or just sit and watch the images. It is great that an unmusical guy like me can still facilitate and lead a worship time.

For our time of intercession I thought that it would be good for people to pick someone in their life that they want to see come to Jesus. Not a group of people, but one person. We were to write that persons name on a white board and spend 15-20 minutes praying and asking God for his heart towards them.

Ben played some coldplay, Dropkick Murphy and some of his original stuff during this. I put the names that people wrote on the white board into the VJ program and projected them on the wall. It was wild what God did that morning. People were weeping over their unsaved friends. I was praying for my friend Brendan and decided to write him a letter. We have not been in contact for a long time.

It is so important that we intercede for our friends and the people in our lives who do not yet know Christ. What better can we do for them. I hope that this is not just an one time deal for me or us as a base. I hope that we can continue to engage with God to see change in the world.

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  1. UrbanKing says:

    hey thanks for that morning it was cool. i guess kind of sucked at the same time

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