It has been hard for me to write as much as I have wanted to lately as it is a busy time and I am working on this worship paper for school. The other thing that is hard is that we don’t have the internet yet. It is supposed to come today. So, this essay I am working on. It is on worship which I am excited about, but I am kinda freaked out to write it. It is an essay on the biblical view of worship. I am writing on the tensions of God being transcendent and imminent and the tension of participation and presentation in worship. I am trying to figure this whole thing out as I write, so I hope it turns out good. If you have any thoughts now would be the time to share. I will put you in my footnotes.

Anyway, I hope that you have a great thanksgiving tomorrow. I hope that you can spend some time with family, friends and also those someone who doesn’t have anywhere to go. Enjoy those cold turkey sandwiches an hour after you utter those famous words “I will never eat again.”

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