Happy Thanksgiving to you. Our family had a great day. Abby woke up happy as usual, and Emma woke up wanting to watch cartoons as usual, but today she wanted to watch them in bed, I think she knew it was a lazy holiday kind of day. So we spent our day making turkey, potatoes and stuffing, along with a box of Stove Top for me cause you just can’t make it like Stove Top. We snacked a lot, watched the parade, watched the Cowboys game and cleaned the house. It was one of those day’s where you just hang out all day in your sweats and your oldest most comfortable shirt and putter around. I did have to go out once though to get some coffee.

Tonight was also great. We had some friend over for dinner. There were 9 adults and 5 kids running around. Well the adults weren’t running to much. It was great to be with friends and eat good food. There was no family fight, no tears, except when one of the kids smacked another kid, and lot’s and lot’s of good food and drink.

I am very thankful today for the things in my life. I am thankful for my family (immediate and the ones in Winnipeg), my friends, YWAM Seattle, my health, Jesus, Apple Computers, the internet, Sarah Mclachlans new Christmas album (even though I am not a Christmas Album kind of guy), the Bible, laughter, tears, my car, rain and sun. There are a ton of other things I am thankful for, but it is late and I am tired from the triptipan. I hope your day was great as well. Thanks for those of you who joined me in mine.

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