Today was the first snowfall of the year in Seattle. It was great. Well, it didn’t start out great, it started out crap. Just another cold rainy day in Seattle. But, when the sun went down the rain turned to snow. Emma and I went skating today, that’s ice skating for you North Westerners. You know that by the previous post. On our way home Emma fell asleep in the car.

When she woke up at home the ground and everything else was covered. She woke up real fast. So tonight after church we stayed out and made the coolest mouthless snowman ever. It was great. One of those things and times when you just have to be thankful for the things and people we have in our lives. I am so thankful for my family. They rule!

After we finished the snowman we came in to strawberry hot chocolate by Amy. I hate strawberry hot chocolate, but Emma likes it. So she had hot chocolate and I blogged. Anyway, looks like the snow will be here for a while. We will enjoy more of it tomorrow.

Good night

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