So tonight there was more snow in our fair city. It has been a cold, rainy, sleaty, snowy day in Seattle. It reminds me a lot of growing up in Winnipeg. I remember those winter nights when I would drive through the city. It was alway’s so quiet and beautiful out. No one is in any rush to go anywhere, people are all just driving carfully and slow. It was so peacefull out. It is like that here in Seattle tonight. I drove over to my friend Daves house to watch the Seahawks game and it brought back so many good memories of driving at home.

Emma and I also took some time tonight to make our snowwoman right this time. As you can see she is a little taller and has much more shape than the last one. Apparently Emma got hungry while I was out at Daves cause she ate the nose before bed time. Nothing quite like a frozen carrot. Anyway, you can check out the weather more in Seattle here.

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  1. Julie Johnson says:

    as always i miss you family….and I’m so bummed i missed the snow. you’re a good dad.

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